Moved to Seattle 2016.
Denver is my second home, though.  I am back there almost every other month.

Born in Colorado in 1982.
I grew up in Arvada, Westminster, Denver and Boulder.  I'm a University of Colorado at Boulder alumni.

Lived in Hollywood
Spent two years working on big and small budget feature films on the post-production side (color, editing, finishing).

Lived in San Francisco.
Still one of my favorite cities to visit.  Love the art culture and spending afternoons in Golden Gate Park.

You don't need great photos.  You deserve them.

Photography must be unobtrusive.  Candid.  Real.  Genuine.  It must tell a story.   

It's somewhere within a quiet, imaginary place between a posed subject and their next motion.  In available window light and a downward glance.  It's a smile between two people only they were meant to see.  The way a hand pushes hair behind an ear and or in a soft breeze through grass.  Somewhere in these moments contains the story of life and a tale of love.

This is where I exist.  This is where I tell your story.  In a place two steps ahead, undetected, anticipating and searching for those subtle moments. 

I am an observer.

I've always been on the outside looking in.  I'm comfortable there.  I search for myself in this world of blissful romance, best-friendships, and families.  Photographing people in their finest hour. An observer of beautiful light, gorgeous people experiencing subtle, yet breathtaking timeless moments.

Who am I?

I was born in 1982 in Westminster, Colorado.  I've spent a majority of my life in Denver, Boulder and the surrounding areas.  I attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for Journalism & Mass Communication with an emphasis in Editorial Writing.  Photography was an accident.  In fact, the only reason I bought a camera was for my sister's graduation, and luck would have it, I won enough money playing video poker on my 27th birthday to purchase my first DSLR.  All my life I've always been a people person, a dreamer, an explorer and conversationalist.  I dabbled in improvisational comedy on stage, acting in college, and other endeavors that thrust me into the spotlight and require me to engage people.  My love for theater and bar-tending has given me the skill set to handle large to small crowds and any variety of personalities. I love a good whiskey, like Blanton's.  I'd never turn down an opportunity to eat oysters or a well-cut steak, but nothing soothes me more than taking and editing photographs. 

During school I always thought of myself becoming a teacher, perhaps in English or Creative Writing, but photography found me first.  So, instead of a traditional classroom setting, I like to incorporate my desire to teach into my passion for portraiture and photography.  I believe everyone has a particular vision and style and have always encouraged a strong art community as a challenge to keep me evolving my own portfolio.  I am not the type of person to push an agenda that would suggest art is ever good or bad, right or wrong, it just is - and must be.

On the eve of my 30th birthday I quit my job and drove to California.  There I worked in the movie industry in Hollywood, and photographed several weddings.  I managed to work post-production (color correction, editing, assistant editing, etc.) for Siren Studios, taking one film from start to finish, and assisting on several other indie and big-budget productions.  I've lived briefly in San Francisco, but my home now is in Seattle, Washington.  In my spare time I love to discover seafood hotspots, volunteer teach kids board games at local game shops, and work on card or board game ideas I'm crafting by hand.

At the end of the day, I am a low-stress, casual photograph taker that can both take command and organize, but can switch gears to allow events to unfold naturally.  I love baseball.  I love a good board game with new and old friends, or discovering great eateries or local dive-bars to meet new people in the area.  I'm a Nikon photographer with a Windows desktop.  I'm self-taught and extremely ambitious.

That's my story.  What's yours?

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